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As is common practice with almost all professional websites this site uses cookies as well. A cookie is a standard feature of web pages in the form of a text file that is transferred to your device, the purpose of which is to collect search information on our site. Those cookies are downloaded by your device the first time you open the site that are further used in order to be able to use our website better and more functionally. At the same time, we can get information about the usefulness of certain segments of the website, as well as which sections can be improved.

The collected data is for statistical purposes only. Cookies cannot transmit viruses to your device.

When you open our website, the cookie option pops up as a window at the bottom of the page, where you can choose to agree to their use, or continue browsing the site without consent. If you refuse the use of cookies it may affect your user experience or the functionality of our website. Additionally, most web browsers allow you to specify which types of cookies you accept or reject all cookies.

We use cookies in order to personalize your site experience